Disrepair claims information

We are aware that an increasing number of our customers are being approached by claims management companies about making a disrepair claim. They may phone or visit* you and pose as surveyors, saying they are from ñNTR.   

*Please remember that all our employees and contractors carry photo identification badges, so make sure that you always ask for photo ID before letting anyone into your home. 

What is disrepair?

As a landlord we have a legal obligation to ensure that your home is kept in a state of good repair.If we Dz’t meet this obligation, your home could be said to be in disrepair. We are responsible for completing certain repairs in your home within a reasonable time and for ensuring that water, sanitation, electricity and gas supplies to your home are all kept in safe working order.

What are claims management companies?

They are companies who particularly target social housing tenants, encouraging you to make a claim against us for disrepair.  

If you agree, they will normally sell your claim to a solicitor, who may charge you if they act on your behalf to handle your claim, and may require you to pay for their fees if your claim fails.

Engaging a claims management company may mean that it could take longer to complete your repair.

We’re here to help, so please report repairs to us

Looking after your home is a partnership between you and ñNTR. We are responsible for most, but not all, repairs. 

We want to look after your home, so please report any property repairs we are responsible for straight away by calling 0800 048 8955. If your repair is not urgent, you can report it online here.

You can find out which repairs we are responsible for, along with your repair responsibilities hereor please call our customer services team on 0800 048 8955, and ask them for advice.


Further advice and support

You can access independent help and advice about repairs from the organisations listed below.   

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