Power cuts


You may have heard about the possibility of power cuts this winter. In the unlikely event that the Government finds it necessary to limit power supply, some areas could experience three-hour, planned power cuts.

What should you do if there is a power cut?

Your Electricity Distribution Network Operator (DNO) is responsible for maintaining physical electricity supplies to your home. Find out who your DNO is and keep their number at hand in case of a power cut here:

Alternatively dial 105  for local information during a power cut.

Please note that ñNTR has no control over the power supply to your home.

For gas emergencies dial 0800 111999

In a planned power cut, most of our services to you will be maintained. You may not be able to access our customer portal, make an online payment or bid for a vacant home. While planned power cuts may take place, please try to complete these processes as early as possible.

For more helpful advice about power cuts see:

Disruption to ñNTR online services

A planned power cut could mean that some of our online services may be disrupted for up to 4 hours. If you experience problems when paying rent, bidding on a property or another online service, please try again later.

Help for older and disabled people in case of power cuts

You can register yourself or someone you care for on the Priority Services Register in case of power cuts - this is a free service for older and disabled people, or if you depend on electricity to keep medical or mobility equipment running.

Or call to register 0800 169 9970

Free to call from a mobile or landline phone. Lines are open 24 hours.

During a power cut in our retirement living communities

  • Lifts will not operate and should not be used
  • Communal areas will have back-up lighting for up to three hours
  • Fire alarms have a 24-hour battery back-up. There may be intermittent beeping from the alarm panel until power is restored
  • Fire doors across corridors will automatically close. You will still be able to use these doors but they will be heavy to open and close
  • Main entrance doors will open. This is so that emergency services can get into the building in an emergency
  • If you need electricity to operate medical equipment, please contact your energy supplier or call UK Power Networks on 0800 169 9970 to sign-up to the priority services register. It’s free to call and lines are open 24 hours
  • If there is an on-site restaurant in your community, this will close
  • Your safety is our priority. During a planned power cut, we will be on-site if you need help. Please stay in your home until the power is restored

Precautions to take and how to deal with a power cut

In the event of a power outage there are some simple precautions you can take to help best prepare and deal with the situation:

  • Make sure you have multiple torches along with extra batteries (Please do not use candles as they are a fire risk. Battery-operated lights are a flameless alternative.)
  • If you have a stairlift, you should check with your provider whether your model has a battery back-up in the event of a power cut
  • Make sure you keep your mobile phone charged so you can make calls in case of an emergency
  • In some buildings, water is supplied to individual homes using an electric pump. Your supply may be interrupted in a power cut. Keep some bottled water available to use for drinking and flushing toilets
  • Keep important documents safe and handy
  • Look out for elderly neighbours and ensure they are prepared for a possible power cut
  • Switch off appliances – turn off items such as irons, ovens, electric fires and fryers as they could pose a hazard if the power comes back on when you are not there

PLEASE NOTE: In the event of a power cut:

  • You should not use lifts in our apartment buildings
  • All our apartment buildings are equipped with emergency lighting and this will help you to identify emergency exits. Emergency lighting is not as bright as usual lighting so please be particularly aware of trip hazards in communal areas.
  • Fire doors will automatically close. You will still be able to use these doors but they will be heavy to open and close
  • Smoke and fire alarms will emit a constant beeping sound. This is normal and indicates that the alarm is still working.

What else can you do?

If your power goes off unexpectedly, check to see if your neighbours still have electricity. If their power is also off don’t assume that the Electricity Distribution Network Operator has already been notified – always call to let them know.

Following a power cut you may need to reset your electrical consumer unit (fuse box). We’ve produced a handy video to help you do this.

For more helpful advice about power cuts see:

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