Keeping a pet

If you have a pet it is your responsibility to make sure it is kept under control and does not cause a risk or nuisance to people living nearby.

You must also ensure that pets do not cause any damage to your home.

Written permission is required for all ñNTR tenants who wish to keep an animal. To request permission, please complete the online form below.


I would like to have ñNTR Plus Group's consent to keep my pet(s) at the above property.

(e.g. one dog – collie or one cat)
Please note that it is a term of your tenancy agreement that your pet(s) must not cause a nuisance, danger or annoyance to others. ñNTR is not responsible for your pet and it is your responsibility to ensure that your garden has an adequate boundary/fencing to ensure that your pet(s) can be contained within your property boundary, for example, is your fence high enough and secure? Should your fencing not be suitable it is your responsibility to undertake any work to upgrade the fence, with our permission.
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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