Tenancy fraud

Tenancy fraud can take place when someone gives false information to apply for a home. That could mean that they are offered a home which should have gone to someone in greater need.

Fraud can happen during the tenancy, too, where a tenant sublets all or part of their home to someone else so that they can make extra money illegally.

Tenancy fraud reduces the number of homes available for people who really need them. It’s not fair and it’s illegal. We are working hard to prevent tenancy fraud and dzcan help by reporting anything you might see as suspicious.

What is the impact of tenancy fraud?

Tenancy fraud has an impact on all of us. Crucially, it reduces the number of affordable homes that are available for people who really need them. It could make it more difficult for your children to find affordable rented homes that will enable them to live and work in the local area.

There are other effects too. Anti-social behaviour may increase in areas where homes are sublet and this can mean that your neighbourhood isn’t a safe, enjoyable place to live.

For ñNTR, there is an increased risk of damage to our properties and rent loss. This means we have to spend more money repairing homes and less on investing in home improvement and community projects – the very opposite of everything we strive to achieve as a fair landlord.

Did you know?

  • Nationally, it is estimated that at least 100,000 housing association homes are affected by some form of tenancy fraud. This has a direct impact on the thousands of people on waiting lists throughout the country, in temporary accommodation or looking to transfer to a more suitable home.
  • Tenancy fraud costs £2 billion to taxpayers each year
  • Subletting is a criminal offence and those found guilty can face up to two years in prison and/or a £5,000 fine

How can you help?

Be aware

  • Do you know your neighbours and who the tenant should be in their homes?
  • Has there been a change of occupants at a neighbouring property?
  • Do you notice any unusual activity in the neighbourhood?
  • Have you overheard any suggestion that a home is being sublet?
  • Does the neighbouring property appear to be empty?

Please report it!

If you suspect tenancy fraud you can report this to us by calling our customer services team on 0800 048 8955. The information you give us will be dealt with in confidence.

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