Repairs service status

Latest update: May 2024

We know that it is taking longer than usual for us to carry out some repairs. We understand that this is disappointing and want to apologise to anyone affected by these delays. We are working hard to put things right.


Why some routine repairs are taking longer

It has been hard for us to maintain our normal repairs timescales as we are receiving very high levels of demand for repairs. At the same time, we are asking you to report any concerns that you have about damp and mould. Our colleagues are also looking out for signs of damp and mould in homes that they routinely visit.  We have delivered other work to keep you safe, too, including installing CO detectors in your homes.


What we are doing

We have temporarily changed the waiting times that we offer, for routine and major repairs. By doing this, we are being clearer about when you can expect us to carry out your repair. You can see our updated repairs timescales below and we will let you know about any further changes.


Repairs timescales

Emergency repairs

Immediate risk to safety, security or health – within 4 hours

Heating and hot water emergency repairs – within 6 hours
(No heating or hot water, uncontrollable water leak)

Routine repairs

Less than one hour to complete – target to complete within 24 hours (Monday – Friday).

All other routine repairs are currently taking longer than 17 days.

Major repairs – up to 120 days

Timescales for emergency repairs have not been changed and if you have any vulnerabilities which mean that you need work carried out more quickly, please let us know. We will always do our best to support you.

We have also introduced a new Priority Repairs Team. Our colleagues in this team will focus on any repairs that need to be carried out to stop damp and mould. By providing a dedicated service, we can address these issues promptly.

Our repairs team has grown, too. This will help us reduce a backlog of work and get to your home as quickly as possible.


Please help us, to help you

Please continue to report repairs online 24:7 but you should always call us on 0800 048 8955 for emergency repairs. If you are unsure, you can check what kind of problem counts as an emergency here.

Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with the current repairs timescales and remember you can ask for advice from our customer services team.

You may be able to fix some issues yourself. We have recorded some useful videos to help you unblock your sink, locate and turn off your stop tap, and isolate a leak. You can also learn what to do when your fuse box ‘trips’ and how to find out what is causing the problem. Those easy-to-follow guides are here.

And always, if you see damp and mould, let us know. See it, report it. We have introduced an online form to make it even easier to do this, here and of course you can always call us on 0800 048 8955.

If you report damp and mould we will contact you by phone within two working days to book an appointment to visit your home. This visit should take place no later than seven working days after your report. Read more about our damp and mould response in our handy Key Facts document or read our policy in full here.


Thank you

We thank all our customers for your continued patience while we focus on reducing any delays to your repairs.

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